Joe Govo Ceramics

Who is Joe Govo ?

Joe Govo a Zimbabwean-born self-taught artist began his career in a family of artists and used to paint pictures which he sold to women in his neighbourhood so they could decorate their homes. He watched his uncles paint and firmly believes it played a vital role in his life to where he is today. He discovered his talent as he grew older and began working for a South African ceramics based company for a number of years as part of the design team.

Over the years he collaborated with artists who each have designed their own ceramic ranges and believes by working with them it also played a significant role in his exposure as well as in the diversity of his own ranges.

In 2006 Joe establised Joe Govo Ceramics. A proudly South African business concept that embraces passion, creativity and human development. His designs are unique products that cater for art collectors and individuals who wish to  own their very own bespoke pieces with a promise of never replicating a  commissioned piece. Part of his previous collections can be found in hotels and homes of both local as well as international clients.

In 2013 Joe was awarded the Paradigm Shift Entrepreneur of the Year Award and crafted the popular “Citizenship” collection of ceramics that was conceptualised by Rial Visagie from the Ceramic Factory and has been the  feature in numerous publications in both print as well as online.

Joe draws his inspiration from nature – wild life as well as humans – and  current issues. The Rhino range, for instance, was inspired by the plight of  rhinos. He wanted to raise awareness and to also celebrate the rhino through  his designs. “The biggest highlight is taking youngsters under my wing and  teaching them to make ceramics. I believe there is no greater gift than giving someone a skill that will help them to make a better life for themselves and provide for their families.”

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